The IMY Vertical Content Network is not your typical web property. By combining our owned and operated sites with sites like yours we can leverage your contextual content, audience, and traffic for the mutual benefit of our publishers and help you monetize your site with a broader audience and premium brand advertisers. With the launch of ADIMY we just announced our newest publishing platform that helps publishers leverage the huge explosion in the social media space.

Micro-bloggers including journalists, editors, TV news professionals, bloggers, writers, and journalism students will be able to join IMY Media, expressing their intent to cover current events and breaking news. Accredited professional journalists and news editors as well as magazine and TV organizations are pre-qualified and invited to join the network, along with bloggers in networks such as Federated Media, BlogHer, TotalBeauty and others.

If you have a blog or site that attracts a loyal audience, the IMY Vertical Content Network can deliver you premium brand advertisers and much more.

What About Ad Sales and Revenue?

Leveraging our internal direct sales force we will act as your exclusive online sales partner; we will aggregate your inventory with inventory from other web-sites to create larger, more attractive offerings for advertisers. In addition, our advertisers will have the option to target your own specific site directly.

Vertical Content Network at Work for Our Publishers

IMY Media captures the fresh and passionate editorial of our 1400 publishers and uses our unique vertical model to drive traffic and visibility for everyone.

Daily content feeds from sites in the IMY Publisher Network is featured via headlines and direct links on each network's flagship site. Content from corresponding publishers are highlighted across each network's channels and via the network directories